Today, I was drunk at Hemp Fest

I mean I was high too, of course ;) 

Aaaaaand I bought paper acid. Just saying.

Drank 2 entire bottles of cough syrup two nights ago with a friend

Didn’t sleep at all that night. It was fun, but the next day.. Jesus Christ

Smoked with random strangers in Seattle

Too baked to care lol

Ugh. Last night I got so high all I wanted to do was masturbate.

and i did.

I was this high..


Then I turned on some dubstep and became this high:

Last night, I was listening to Led Zeppelin high, while mastubating

Everyday that ends in “Y” is a day to smoke!


I smoked pot and went sledding again


My New Year’s Eve-

  • Smoke weed
  • Watch The Twilight Zone
  • Blow shit up
  • Repeat